Recruitment management system is a software that employers use to effectively and efficiently manage their recruitment processes. It allows you to create own talent pool, manage and publish vacancies, process, invite and reject applicants, and more.
RMS provides unlimited job posting, flexible job ads management, get online applicant, online have own talent pool, and your job ads will shown on Karirpad’s website, mobile site, application, and more than 100 media partners all around Indonesia. In addition, as recruiter, you can easily filtering candidates according to the required qualifications, chatting with candidate, create interview schedule, and reporting through the system.
You can register at If you have already registered and want to reactive your old account please Whatsapp : 0851 6157 1814.
Job posting on RMS is unlimited and without credits, kindly call Whatsapp : 0851 6157 1814 to talk with our Consultant about RMS pricelist.
RMS is very easy to use with the use of language and lightweight display. RMS superior features, such as unlimited Job Posting, candidate searches, chat and filters based on the location of the candidates closest to you are also not owned by other systems. Karirpad Recruitment Management System (RMS) helps you to find the best candidates in one click.
Any kind of businesses are able to register and use RMS (Recruitment Management System), as long as your business and vacancies are real because our team will verify every company whose join on Karirpad.
You can read the employer terms & conditions on and policy on
APL Tower, 7th Floor, Unit T9
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta 11470, Indonesia
APL Tower, 7th Floor, Unit T9, Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta 11470, Indonesia
Whatsapp : 0851 6157 1814
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Whatsapp : 0851 6157 1814   Email :
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